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Transport yourself through time

By Nicole Harris

The city of Siena has a long and regal history. In the medieval ages this city was a regional power not to be reckoned with. During this long and often dangerous period Siena developed much wealth that helped to support its warring aspirations against nearby Florence. Rent a Prestige car in Siena to explore the city’s great medieval history from its architecture, to art and cuisine there are many moments to transport you back into Siena’s regal heyday.

Rent the prestigious Bentley Arnage, to drive a highly romantic and classic luxury vehicle. Its noble and aristocratic appearance lends itself perfectly to explore the royal palaces of kings and nobles or the grand cathedrals of popes and bishops. In the prestige Land Rover Discovery rental, take the opportunity to go off-road and explore the nearby wine regions that are dotted throughout Tuscany. Try a Brunello or a Chianti from the Sangiovese collection that has acclaimed many superior quality ratings.

Hire the executive Lexus RX, a highly innovative luxury crossover it offers an enjoyable ride on many levels, if not for its technological prowess, then certainly for the extreme comfort experienced inside its cabin. See Siena’s Duomo, a black and white Italian Romanesque cathedral or the grand Piccolomini Palace, built in 1459.

Hire a Prestige car from Siena to not only transport yourself to another place, but to another time.

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