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If only walls could talk...

By Brittany Nue

Rent a Lamborghini to uncover the mystery of the San Galgano Abbey. Situated on the hill tops of Tuscany, the mist sits low wafting between the decrepit old stones that once formed the strong and impenetrable walls of the San Galgano Abbey. What was once a proud building that declared the sovereignty of man and the dedication to his maker. The abbey, now largely dilapidated, resides as a testament to a time long ago. Clouded in mystery, you wonder if only the walls could talk, what stories of danger, bravery, love and dedication would you hear?

Rent the Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4, “Like a time machine. Only faster.” it is the perfect vehicle to catapult you into the life and times of Saint Galgano, from which the Abbey is named after. Galgano was born in Chiusdino, what is now the modern province of Siena, leading a dangerous and ruthless life in his early years, Galgano chose a life of piety and hermitage after a deep moratorium. In his solitude in Rotonda di Montesiepi he received two visions from the Archangel Michael. In the first, the archangel promised his protection, in the second vision, he led Galgano to meet the 12 apostles and god himself upon Mount Siepi. Following the dream, his horse led him, undeterred, in the direction of Mount Sieppi, where the visions were fulfilled. Inspired by the events Galgano was motivated to mark a cross on the location, having no equipment other than his sword, he sliced his sword into the ground, where it became one with the earth and could not be removed.

In the stealth of the night drive the black Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 to view the sword in the stone of San Galgano. A legend as intriguing as this should be uncovered by a Lamborghini rental in Tuscany that possesses all the desire necessary to unravel the mystery.

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