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Fabulous Road Trip from Florence to Cinque Terre

By Brittany Nue

Discover Porto Venere in a stunning Maserati GranCabrio

When driving an exotic car is part of your lifestyle, we recommend the sensational Maserati GranCabrio for a road trip in Italy. Unlike most convertibles which seat two, the GranCabrio has four seats, making it ideal for a family trip. The drive from Florence to Porto Venere in the beautiful Cinque Terre region is a distance of around 175km and makes a great day trip to explore the Italian Riviera. Your drive takes you through the ancient city of Lucca and then to Porto Venere on the coast. After spending time here, you can travel to La Spezia, a sea port with a fascinating maritime history.

Enjoy your exotic Maserati GranCabrio

Test your driving skills and look super cool in an awesome beauty. This 4 seater is the perfect show-off convertible in timeless Italian style. Power is immense thanks to the 4.7-litre V8 which develops 460hp, revs to an impressive 7.500 rpms and attains top speeds of 288km/h. As a driver you will appreciate the near-perfect front-to-rear weight distribution, a Maserati hallmark.

Feel the balanced handling, the optimum grip and precise control. The interior of the Maserati GranCabrio is fitted with the world’s most luxurious leather. Features include folding front armrests with an illuminated storage compartment, Electric Opening Assist for the boot lid and doors and Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control to keep passengers comfortable in all weather conditions.

Set off to Lucca, an ancient city in Tuscany

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After settling into your convertible, drop the top and drive out of Florence along the A11 westwards to Lucca. The scenic trip takes around an hour and a half. Lucca is known for its well preserved Renaissance walls that encircle the historic city centre. Park your car for passers-by to admire and take a stroll along the broad tree-lined pathways along the top of the walls. These old 16th Century ramparts offer a stunning view over the city and the surrounding landscape.

Music lovers will be delighted to learn that Lucca is the birthplace of Puccini and a visit to the Casa di Puccini is a must. This fascinating Museum displays letters, furniture and other artefacts belonging to the famous composer. Time for brunch! Drive to La Drogheria where you can enjoy a traditional wood fired pizza and a glass of Tuscan wine.

Continue to Porto Venere

Drive onwards along the A12 for an hour and a half to the coastal village of Porto Venere. Your powerful Maserati GranCabrio offers a ZF six-speed MC Auto Shift gearbox which operates in Manual-Normal, Manual-Sport, Auto-Normal, Auto-Sport and ICE modes. Choose the mode that best suits your mood!

Porto Venere is known for its magnificent Porto Venere Regional Natural Park, a protected area with trails and dive sites. Stop at the Church of St. Peter, a small ancient Church built in the 1100’s. It stands on a rocky outcrop and offers lovely sea views. Then visit the Varignano Roman Villa, an archaeological site which features the remains of a Roman Villa and the structures that were used to make olive oil.

Porto Venere is also known for its islands. Take a boat ride out to Palmaria, a small 2km square island filled with fabulous beaches, towering cliffs, old military buildings and caves to explore. Enjoy a meal of freshly made seafood at one of the trattorias on the beach. Nature lovers can enjoy a hiking tour of the island and sports lovers can swim or dive. The crystal clear waters offer an abundance of magnificent coloured marine creatures, corals and sponges.

Drive to La Spezia in your Maserati GranCabrio

Leave Porto Venere and enjoy a short drive to La Spezia. It has a rich maritime history and a fascinating museum offering all things related to shipping and the Navy. Take a tour and learn all about the seafaring past. Don’t miss the Monument of Giuseppe Garibaldi, a huge statue of the famous man riding his horse. You can decide to spend the night here or travel back to Florence. We will collect your car whenever you are ready to return home. Tell us what suits you best. If your trip continues from Florence to Rome, Venice or any other city, our exclusive one-way rental service will arrange to collect your car in any city you choose. You plan your unique itinerary and we will fit in.

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