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See lovely views at the lookout of Artxanda

By Scott Jawns

See lovely views of Bilbao at the lookout of Artxanda, it is a high point that you cannot miss on your trip.

Hire a Range Rover at Bilbao Airport (BIO) for your family holiday. Our Meet and Greet Service is waiting to welcome you with the keys to your stylish Range Rover.

Power & Style

For a family trip, you need space and power, our Range Rover Autobiography offers both. You will love the 9-speed automatic transmission shifts and the kids will delight in the panoramic opening roof. With striking lines and awesome power, our Range Rover Sport HSE provides an alternative family option with a luxurious cabin and surround sound system.

The kids will have fun riding the funicular. Take a trip to the top and see fabulous views of the Old Town, the famous Guggenheim Museum and the Iberdrola Tower. Walk in the park and see the famous statues. One of is a massive gear from the original structure of the funicular. The other is a huge fingerprint called 'Huella Dactilar' designed by Juan José Novella. Then set off to Café Del Arenal, where the kids will love the hot chocolate with Churros, long fried dough pastries.

Family trips can be relaxed and comfortable. Range Rover Rental Bilbao Airport offers a selection of spacious luxurious cars.

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