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Explore the towns around Siena

By Ethan Hews

Collect your Rented Luxury Van in Siena and load up family and friends. Set off into the stunning Tuscan countryside for a glorious day of discovery.

Mercedes Luxury Vans

For a VIP trip with your family or a group of friends, rent a Mercedes V-Class in Siena and explore the surroundings. The Mercedes V-Class is a big luxury van that can sit 8 or 9 adults in high levels of comfort. Ideal to transport lots of sports equipment, it also include a wide range of driver assistance and safety systems.

Another excellent rental option we may offer you is the Mercedes Vito, a luxury People Mover which will suit all your needs, whether you are going on a short road trip or planning to drive long hours. 

VIP Road Trip in Tuscany

Hop on your rented Mercedes V-Class and head south to Chiusure, a small village famous for the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore. The Abbey is set high up on a hill near the centre of the village. It is an active monastery and you can view the beautiful frescoes by Michaelangelo's teacher, Luca Signorelli in the Cloister.

Next head for San Gimignano, a pretty medieval walled where you will see the lovely white towers of the city walls. Visit the San Gimignano 1300 Museum and the Piazza del Duomo, the town church's square, which is surrounded by the 1000 year old towers.

Next it is off to Pienza where you can relax in the Piazza Pio II, a grand and elegant square, surrounded by the city hall with its bell tower and the Piccolomini family palace. Lunch is at La Taverna di Re Artu, bruschetta and a glass of Chianti is a must.

After lunch explore Arezzo, where historians will delight in the many churches. See the Church of San Francesco and the Church of Santa Maria della Pieve. Stroll around the small streets and pick up a souvenir at the Antiques Fair in the Piazza Grande. There are over 500 stalls to browse through. Then dress up in medieval costumes and take part in the fun festival, the Joust of the Saracens, where knights on horseback charge at wooden targets to score points.

Head back to Siena at your leisure for a night at the awe-inspiring Castello delle Serre.

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