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Luxury makes the soul brighter

By Nicole Harris

Siena is a gem found within the Tuscany region of Northern Italy. In this medieval city you can walk through the narrow cobblestone alleyways that lead you in and out of Grand Piazza that still maintain their grand and awe inspiring stature since the time they were first built. Hire a Luxury car in Siena and intimately acquaint yourself with this city, fiercely proud of its history and brimming with cultural traditions that will delight the senses.

Exclusive VIP Services

In the elite Mercedes E-Class or the prestigious BMW 4 Series Convertible travel through the old city of Siena, looking good and feeling great. Utilise our exclusive VIP service and have either of these two luxury vehicles delivered to your hotel. Our recommendation goes to Campo Regio Relais, a bed and breakfast style hotel, from where you can experience the full exciting atmosphere of the many cultural festivities. This hotel is located within the historic center of Siena with perfect views of the old city where the hive of activity is found.

Extreme Driving Experience

Rent the Lamborghini Huracan to drive a car that guarantees an extreme supercar driving experience. Located in the old city, by the grand Duomo, sit down to enjoy the fine dining at Trattoria Barberi. Serving excellent Tuscan cuisine, the menu includes delights such as the Panforte, a dense cake made of honey, dried fruits and almonds. In the autumn, the tagliolini is available with black truffles.

Hire a luxury car in Siena and indulge a little. After all, a little bit of comfort makes the soul feel brighter

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