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The wild, set free

By Nicole Harris

Discover your wild side as you drive your Supercar hire in Siena. This medieval Italian city is familiar with all the extremes. Rich in history and culture, it knows passion and rivalry. Its cuisine is filled with spiced flavours that explode on the palate and its wines are embedded with deep hues and accents. With much local folklore and tales of jealousy, unrequited love and conquest, the passion flowing through this city, always leaves us coming back for more.

Rent the aggressive and selfishly stunning LaFerrari, built with a 6.3 liter V12 engine, this car delivers 707 bhp, allowing it to tear up the road, reaching a maximum speed of 350km/h and sprinting to 100km/h in 3 seconds flat. Visit the legendary Pinacoteca museum, showcasing many medieval Sienese paintings. The art portrays the life and times of the people who once lived in Siena, the loves lost, the battles fought and justice seldom wrought.

Hire the distinguished and highly dignified Jaguar XJ and drive a highly luxurious saloon. Likewise, the Bentley Continental GT gives you the opportunity to drive a Grand Tourer of exceptional grace, elegance and class. Either vehicle make the perfect accompaniment to visit Siena’s Duomo. The Italian Romanesque cathedral is the ancient religious papal center, where many over the centuries cried salvation for the desperate redemption of their body or soul.

Hire a Supercar in Siena, for one never sees a wild thing sorry for itself, but living in the moment vivacious and free.

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