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The Città di arte!

By Nicole Harris

The region of Tuscany situated on rolling green hills and under the warmth of the Mediterranean sun has for a long time been found as the ideal location to call home. First by the ancient Etruscans, the embolden Romans and later the Christians en route in their pilgrimages. Surrounded by the immense inspiration of the of its beautiful landscapes and country sides, it is no surprise that the art that has come out of this region, suspends the mind as it captures your attention. With a 4x4 hire in Tuscany, take a self guided artistic tour of the small cities dotting this region, bursting with a wealth of artistic genius.

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In the Range Rover Sport rental, brilliant off road and stunning on road, take to the highways from Pisa International Airport Galileo Galilei (PSA) to head towards the utterly charming town of Lucca. Famous for its renaissance era city walls it showcases its ancient history with pride, and indeed so they should be. Take a tour of this city to hear the ancient folklore that surrounds the Roman amphitheatre, the 12th century remains of the Saints Giovanni church, the villas and the haunted towers. The local legends are so colourful and dramatic, they warrant being told many times over.

From Florence Airport Amerigo Vespucci (FLR), rent the BMW X5 or the Mercedes GLE, two highly powerful and prestigious SUVs, they offer a refined drive over the most rugged terrain. Drive south east to Arezzo and then Cortona or south west to San Gimignano. Whilst the towns themselves are picturesque and idyllic it’s the artwork they house, that comprise the gem of these cities. The quality and the quantity are astounding as it is possible to view pieces scanning the course of history, in almost all european genres.

Also available for rent, are the Audi Q7, a large SUV with seating for seven or the Volvo XC90, an outstanding 6 seater SUV with a luxury interior.  

For an artistic tour of Tuscany rent an SUV, to meet the artistic talents here with your own sense of panache on arrival.

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