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Clear the mind, refresh the soul

By Scott Jawns

The mental association of Tuscany is ‘idyllic’ and the scenery really is that beautiful. Coast through the countryside, don’t rush through, but savour the moment of driving along the rolling green and vine planted hillsides, the medieval fortresses and vine covered towers, acquaint yourself with history’s masterpieces, taste the fine food and the rich wine. Hire a supercar in Tuscany to escape to a world untouched and a destiny and unforetold.

From Pisa International Airport Galileo Galilei (PSA) hire the Koenigsegg Agera utilising the latest technological innovations, this is a car to satisfy the passions of an enthusiast. From the northern vantage point of Pisa, the eastern harbour draws the perimeter lines of the dramatic alpine mountain ranges. Filled with fecund forests, its environs are cleansing and a visit becomes sustenance for the soul.

Rent the Maserati GranCabrio Sport or the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, 2 Italian cars, that find true expression along the highways of their homeland. Manufactured with the Italian spirit at heart they have impeccable style, an appearance that implies speed and passion even whilst standing still. Drive along the central and southern coasts from where you can see the islands just a short distance from the shoreline. Aboard a yacht to sail the short distance to the Islands’ natural habitats, beautiful and rare, they are an oasis of untouched nature.

Rent a supercar in Tuscany for time on the road, that’s time to just think.

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