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Verona, kindling an unbidden love

By Scott Jawns

Fall deep into the depths of history, as you travel across the cobblestone streets, through the stoic ruins and along the ancient roman monuments all testament to the legacy of mankind. Verona, one of the most romantic cities in the world, calls for a romantic cabriolet to tour through its narrow streets and secretive hideaways. Hire a cabriolet in Verona, the perfect way to kindle a love.

The BMW M3 Cabriolet is crafted with concepts of luxury and spontaneity in mind. Engineered to provide a smooth and sensual drive it is the perfect convertible to get view of Juliet’s balcony decorated by elegant gothic windows from which she called out to Romeo, declaring her unbidden love.

In the Audi TT roadster, make your way through the pouring rain to Rain bar, the feeling of secret seclusion creates a moment if intense intimacy as you hear the pelting of dops on the stone streets outside. Rain bar offers an emotional ambience, carried through the sounds of the live jazz music being played and the warmth that comes with slowly sipping a glass of red wine.

Utilise our VIP service for the Verona convertible hire and have the Aston Martin DB9 Volante delivered to your luxury hotel in Verona. Drive across the city to arrive at Giardino Giusti, a beautiful renaissance garden spotted with grottos and fire breathing masks carved into the hillside.

“Oh Cabrio, Cabrio! Wherefore art thou Cabrio?“

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