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High up, lies a world more magical

By Brittany Nue

From the romantic city of Verona, let your aspirations fly. Hire a 4x4 in Verona and drive up the steep mountain terrain that encapsulates this romantic city.

The Porsche Cayenne S looks great on-road, but potentially looks even better off-road as it athletically takes on a steep climb with triumphant achievement. In the Cayenne S head towards Monte Baldo and the Lessinia region, the mountainous curtain that surrounds the province of Verona. The landscape is varied and unique, bring a picnic rug, a flask of hot coffee and a long novel as you slip yourself into the native edelweiss, the sweet smelling orchids and buttercup.

Both the Range Rover HSE or the Ford Expedition make two mid size SUVs perfect for a tour in and around Verona. Inspire yourself with the art evolution that is showcased throughout this city’s gallery, museums, in coffee houses and on the street. Aim high for the Veronese hills in the Valpolicella area, characterised by its vineyards that stretch far into the horizon, make sure to taste a selection of their fine wines. Take your time wandering through the old villas, taking in the full inspiring glory of the parishes, castles, and ancient courtyards. try to coincide your stay with a local festival, they’re lively, enchanting and thoroughly engaging.

In a 4WD from Verona make tracks across the mountain slopes and let time wonder by as you walk past grapevines and olive trees, artistic masterworks and cobble stone villages. All necessary ingredients for a world more magical.

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