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A heartland of culture and exquisite taste

By Scott Jawns

Take flight in a supercar hire from Verona. On arrival at Verona Catullo Airport or Venice Marco Polo Airport your supercar will be waiting for you to conquer the highway that leads into the city’s old medieval center.

In the beauteous Jaguar F type, the body lines come together to form the perfect harmony between elegance and force. In arguably the most beautiful car in the industry, go shopping along Verona’s golden mile of Via Mazzini and Corso Porta Borsari the array of luxury on offer, makes this an experience of pure indulgence. As the bags pile up, take a moment to rest at a Gelato parlour. Italy is known for its rich and authentic gelato flavours, tease the eye and then satisfy the palate, with a mango flavoured gelato.

The Porsche 911 GT3 is a road legal race car with highly proficient handling and performance. It eats the road, like it is hungry for speed. While the Mercedes SLS Roadster is electrifying, giving sufficient speed to fuel any adrenalin rush. With the canvas head down, it offers the sensation of flying. Utilise our VIP service and have the Porsche delivered to your hotel stay at Hotel Siena or anywhere else in the city. From there make your lunch time date at the Carega block (located close to the Duomo), to enjoy the sweet smelling taste and aromas of a traditional wine bar. The soul enriching food of the restaurant utterly satisfies whilst overlooking the waters flowing beneath the Garibaldi Bridge.

For a moment of your life to stand out like no other, hire a supercar in Verona, a heartland of culture and exquisite taste.

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