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Are you hungry enough to eat a francesinha ?

By Nicole Harris

Portugal’s most famous sandwich is likely to give you heart failure, but you need to try it at least once on your trip!
Hire a Range Rover in Portugal, it is the ideal car for a family holiday.

Take the Family on a Fabulous Road Trip

Travel with the family in a comfortable, relaxed and spacious Range Rover Autobiography. The kids will be delighted with the panoramic opening roof top and you will be thrilled by the raw power under the bonnet. With striking lines and awesome power, our Range Rover Sport SVR provides an alternative family option. The unsurpassed engine power and spacious comfortable cabin makes both on-road and off-road driving a dream.

Enjoy the Local Dishes

The name Francesinha, translates into 'Little French girl'. This crazy treat was created by a Portuguese chef who lived in Paris in the 1960s. Eaten by locals, mostly at lunchtime, the dish is made from bread slices, that are toasted and then filled with three types of meat, steak, linguica, and wet-cured ham. These layers are then smothered in a local cheese, drenched in a secret sauce of tomato and beer, and offered on a plate of French fries. Wash it down with classic Portugal Port Wine.
Holidaying with kids need not be an unpleasant experience, Range Rover rental in Portugal is the perfect option for a fun family trip. 

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