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Day drive from Lisbon, mountain castles at Sintra

By Scott Jawns

Delight the family with a day drive out of the city. Lisbon offers a fabulous choice of venues to discover. Head off in your luxurious rental Range Rover to the Mountain Castles at Sintra for a fairy-tale experience.

Let the whole family travel in style. With striking lines and awesome power, our Range Rover Sport HSE provides a perfect drive with luxurious Oxford perforated leather seats and a surround sound system that will delight the kids. Our Range Rover Vogue offers a superb balance of refinement and capability. Perfect for long drives to explore the regions surrounding Lisbon.

Sintra is a delightful venue with lush green mountains dotted with magnificent palaces, aristocratic retreats and open parklands. Portugal’s Moorish rulers built castles here and the Celts worshipped their moon god. Set amongst rippling mountains, forests thick with ferns and lichen and exotic gardens, these structures create a fairy tale land that will enchant children and adults. Visit the sprawling National Palace and the whimsical Pena National Palace with its beautiful ice-cream coloured towers. Spend a few hours relaxing in the beautiful Park of Monserrate.

Range Rover Rental in Lisbon is the perfect way to take a drive and soak up the atmosphere in Sintra.

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