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A scenic road trip from Genoa to Cinque Terre

By Ethan Hews

Choose a luxurious Mercedes GLS for your drive

Are you planning a vacation in Genoa? If you have time to spare, a great day drive that you cannot miss takes you along the scenic Italian Riviera road to the dramatic coastal villages of Cinque Terre. These five pastel-hued villages lie nestled against the towering cliffs overlooking the blue ocean. On route, you can stop at Rapallo, an ancient city filled with castles, religious sanctuaries and a massive fortress.

Travelling with the family can be a great bonding experience and create lifelong memories. But, if you are uncomfortable and cramped for space, it will be just the opposite. We recommend the stunning Mercedes GLS - a cutting-edge SUV for your road trip. It offers a luxurious interior with seven seats that can be arranged in variable configurations to suit your needs.

Meet and Greet you Services where it suits you best

Renting a high-end car is part of the excitement of your trip. Europe Luxury Car Hire’s goal is to provide a unique and exclusive service that gives you total peace of mind. Our Meet and Greet team will deliver your Mercedes GLS to any location that suits you. We can meet you in the VIP lounge at Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport, at your hotel or a popular tourist sight. You decide and we will be there. Our professional drivers will ensure that you are up to speed with the car’s technology and can even take you for a test drive if you want.

Visit the Lighthouse of Genoa and the Via Garibaldi

Start your trip with a visit to two amazing venues in Genoa. The famous Lighthouse of Genoa is easily located as it looms 76m tall over the Bay. This stone tower has Medieval origins and you can stroll around the Museum. Drive to the famous Via Garibaldi, this historic street is a UNESCO listed site and features palatial residences, museums and magnificent Renaissance palaces.

Set off to Rapallo on the scenic coastal road

Head out of Genoa on a 30km drive along the A12 to Rapallo. Enjoy the plush, quiet interior of your Mercedes GLS which creates a sense of calmness and tranquillity. Children will love the easy-to-use Infotainment system and the driver feels totally at ease with a host of Driver Assist Features and Safety Features at his fingertips.

Stop in Rapallo and enjoy brunch at Bansin, specialising in traditional Ligurian comfort food. Try the spinach-stuffed pasta with walnut sauce. After your meal explore the famous Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montallegro. This iconic religious site features a shrine that was built in the 1500’s. It can be accessed by cable car or an old mule trail if you are fit! Drive to the Castello Brown, a 16th century castle and museum with a stunning view. Wander around and admire the rare art and antiques.

Continue to Sestri Levante

Continue your drive to Sestri Levante, a lovely seaside village. Stop at Spiaggia Baia del Silenzio, a small bay beach where you can take a dip in the ocean to cool off. Then relax on the sand on beach chairs under a colourful umbrella and enjoy the views. After your rest on the beach, stroll around the walled Old Town. It is famous for its olive groves and olive production and you can buy a bottle of extra virgin olive oil to take back with you.

See the stunning villages of Cinque Terre

Your drive continues to Cinque Terre, a unique landscape with five ancient fishing villages perched at breathtaking heights on the cliffs overlooking the azure blue ocean. The buildings seem to hang tenuously off the rocks and are painted in colourful pastel shades. The best way to explore this UNESCO heritage site is to park your car and stroll down to the waterfront. Take a trip on a boat with a local fisherman and see the breathtaking sights from the water. A camera is a must!

When you arrive back on land, you are sure to be hungry. Set off to Enoteca Dau Cila in the village of Riomaggiore. They offer speciality dishes made of locally sourced ingredients like fish, lemons, homemade pasta and herbs. Relax on the patio and be inspired by the charm of the region and the amazing water-side views.

Stay overnight at the Hotel Cinque Terre, a relaxed establishment in the village of Monterosso. Drive back to Genoa in the morning in your Mercedes GLS. We can collect your rental whenever you are ready to return home. We can also arrange to collect your car in another city of you are continuing to Milan or Bologna. We fit in with your itinerary. 

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