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Take the children to the Valencia Bioparc

By Nicole Harris

Step into the heart of Africa at Valencia Bioparc, it is well worth visiting. Since its opening in 2008, it has become a main attraction in Valencia.

Don't compromise on luxury and style because you have a family, hire a Range Rover in Valencia.

Let the family enjoy a comfortable drive while you thrill at the power of the engine. The Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic offers all-round capability and versatility on all terrains. Discover the cutting-edge features of this high performance SUV. Alternatively, the contoured cabin of the Range Rover Evoque Pure will delight both driver and passengers. Bold design and expected Rover capability is embodied in this high-class vehicle.

This huge park is home to 4000 animals that roam free as if in the wild. Located in the Valencia's Turia riverbed, it offers an amazing safari trip experience. The railings and cages are almost invisible and rivers separate you from the wildlife. Important conservation work takes place here and the kids will be fascinated and learn at the same time. You can see leopards, lemurs, giraffes, gorillas, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, porcupines, ostriches, elephants, hyenas, lions and otters. Don't miss the collection of African Flora!

Smart drivers turn a family holiday into a great experience. Range Rover rental in Valencia offers luxury family cars.

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