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Eat, Beach, Sleep, Repeat

By Nicole Harris

From Malaga rent a Range Rover to get out and about the stunning beachside coast of Costa del Sol. Where the sun meets the warm sea, the palm branch sway in the light breeze and the exotic smell of Mediterranean cooked dishes are just an inhale away, enticing you into their stylish dining lounges.

Head to Torremolinos

Rent the Range Rover Supercharged and look fantastic down the boulevard strips of Malaga, even amongst the world’s most wealthy and glittery. The Supercharged is a large size 4x4, the strength and power of this car is emphasised by the long wheelbase. Comprised of a V8 engine and 510 horsepower, this lean, mean and dark machine, arrives at any destination with a triumphant suave. Head towards Torremolinos, very dapper in the art of hosting a good time. Lounge by the pristine beaches, dine amidst the outdoor terrace of its al fresco restaurants and take in the subtle and evocative moods of the lounge bars.

Drive a Range Rover Autobiography

The Autobiography is the ultimate luxury model of the Range Rover fleet. No need for a destination in this 4WD, it is the ultimate in automotive luxury worthy as an experience in itself. Be it Torremolinos, Nerja or Marbella, rent a range rover from Malaga so that you can travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape you. 

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