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A city of eclectic beauty

By Nicole Harris

When it comes to architecture Madrid puts on a competitive display even amongst the most grand cities of Europe. The broad sweep of architecture is a thoroughly engaging and inviting backdrop to life in this city. From royal palaces, medieval mansions to the totally bizarre angles of Spanish contemporary architecture. Rent a Range Rover from Madrid Airport (MAD) because there is something for everyone to admire in this city of eclectic beauty.

Range Rover or Land Rover

Hire the Range Rover HSE Luxury and indulgence for driver and passenger alike, with a rear seat entertainment system, meridian sound system and a perforated leather steering wheel. See the Torres Blancas tower, something of an elongated beehive with its rounded bubble like curves.

Rent the Land Rover Discovery for your group tour of Madrid, in this luxurious SUV everyone travels first class in the generous and flexible interior. View the Santa Ana Church as it is a beautiful account of Baroque architecture whilst the Madrid civil courts of Justice is utterly modern. Appearing as if it is made out of perforated and twisted silver foil it was designed in the attempt to break the static configuration of the surrounding buildings.

For the moment of exploration hire the New Discovery Sport. A modern, relevant and compelling SUV, it has a well proportioned body that exudes a powerful stance. Make sure to pass Museum ABC, modern to the point of avant garde it is captivating to the eye as it resonates a white prism of geometric triangles.

Rent a Land Rover in Madrid, for whilst it can take you off road in formidable strength it looks so good as the urban center of this city’s fantastic backdrops.

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