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A trail of jewels

By Ethan Hews

Set across the Amalfi coast by hiring a Range Rover. There is no better way to travel this precarious stretch of road set on the precipice of the mountain’s edge. Overlooking astounding views of the turquoise Mediterranean sea, follow the road that cuts through the mountain rock and leads you through the romantic townships found like jewels along the way.

Hire the Land Rover Discovery for a 4x4 that speaks in adventure. From Vietri sul Mare the road weaves from stunning viewpoint to picturesque vista, where the light dances upon the coastal scenery. Make sure to stop by Capo d'Orso to take in the most beautiful atmosphere. The region skirts the villages of Maiori that line the sandy beach and that of Minori whose ancient roman ruins date back to the first-century A.D. This stretch of road concludes at a junction by the two captivating churches of Atrani. Finally whisking you inland towards Ravello.

Rent the elite New Discovery Sport or the indestructible Land Rover Defender, either of these 4WD are ideal options to travel inland to Ravello as you travel steeply over rock and wild terrain through the mountain. Ravello is a most beautiful city perched on steep, terraced slopes, that no matter where you stand there is always a view to be captured forever in the album of your memory.

Be driven by your sense of adventure, hire a Range Rover on the Amalfi coast.

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