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Indulge in a handmade sweet delight at Durke

By Nicole Harris

Kids love sweets and the quaint store, Durke has a delectable range. Take the family for a sweet treat in Sardinia.

Rent a Range Rover in Sardinia. It is the perfect drive for a family with kids and does not compromise on style or comfort.

For a smart and stylish SUV with both off-road and on-road intelligence, drive our Range Rover Vogue SE. It is spacious and comfortable. For the roads of Sardinia nothing beats a Range Rover Sport Autobiography Dynamic. It is the ultimate high performance driving experience on any terrain. The family will love the classy sound system while you love the raw power of the engine.

In Sardinian, durke means ‘sweet’ and it does not get sweeter than this in an old-world sweet store located in the city of Cagliari. You will be thrilled at the age-old recipes that are used to make the confectionery. Some use only sugar, egg whites and almonds. You will love the old brick interior and the quaint ladies dressed in white aprons and caps rolling out pastry. Sample some fruit and nut papassinos and some pardulas, delicate ricotta cheesecakes flavoured with saffron. Take home a packet of moist amaretti di sardegna biscuits.

Range Rover rental in Sardinia offers a luxurious drive for a family getaway.

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