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A tale of great love

By Scott Jawns

Verona is the city of love at first sight, the stage for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. A less tragic and more modern end to the story would have the two lovers escaping the Montague's and the Capulet’ s feuds and prohibitions aboard a Range Rover car hire from Verona and into the country as the sun sets.

Hire a Range Rover Autobiography and take a romantic holiday to explore the magical city of Verona and its beautiful countryside. The Autobiography, a 4WD that is as rugged as it is luxurious, is the perfect companion for a scenic road trip to Lake Garda. A summer resort area for the ancient Romans, Lago di Garda is surrounded by the most charming villages. visit the Roman ruins of the village of Desenzano and the striking Rocca Scaligera in the village of Sirmione. The Autobiography features an aluminum body that makes it lighter and more efficient to drive, a LR-V8 supercharged engine, and a paramount dedication to passenger comfort with massage leather seats and an advanced entertainment system, that will ensure that every passenger enjoys the journey as much as they do the destination.

Take the powerful 4X4 Range Rover Evoque to the mountainous region surrounding the province of Verona and admire the unique natural landscapes of Monte Baldo and the Lessinia, where the edelweiss and orchid covered ground makes the area a nature-lover's paradise.

Hire a Range Rover in Verona and explore the romantic countryside of the Veneto region.

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