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The best things are wild and free

By Ethan Hews

Whilst Tuscany may be known for its beautiful pastoral landscapes, it is infact a wonderfully diverse region. Head west towards the coastal plain and enjoy a day on the beach in Viareggio, visit the vibrant cities of Florence and Pisa or head towards the forests of Mugello, the Pratomagno, and the Casentino. These towns, situated on Tuscany’s mountainous region comprise a thick forray of trees, ferns and wild bush. Rent a Range Rover in Tuscany to wander through the forest for its piercing beauty and for its solitude. For no reason other than because sometimes you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and at other times in the middle of nowhere, you may find yourself.

Hire the Range Rover Vogue SE as it is the pinnacle of refined capability. With a suite of advanced technologies and an unmistakable silhouette, it offers an intelligent four wheel drive of smooth and effortless handling. In the Range Rover take in the full beauty of Mugello, the dense greenery is the ancient lakebed of the river Sieve. Lush and vibrant the flow of the river is the central heartbeat that follows along the tributary into Lake Arno.

From Florence Airport (FLR) rent the Autobiography, possessing all the features of the Range rover, it has extra space afforded by the extended wheelbase. In supreme comfort head over the rough mountainous terrain that leads to Casentino. Framed by mountains of sandstone and limestone that are snow capped for much of the year, their slopes are covered with emerald meadows, dark and dense forests, fir, oak and chestnut trees. A magical setting to listen to the soft whispers of old trees.

Rent a range Rover in Tuscany to take a walk through the forest and smell the wild air.

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