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Time well spent

By Ethan Hews

Time spent at the lake is time well spent. Whether relaxing while reading a book and contemplating the deep blue waters, taking on the many activities available in and around the lake or walking around the charming little villages, hire a Range Rover in Lake Como and get your vacation started on the right foot.

Drive between snow-capped mountains, green forests and hill-perched villages on the Range Rover Vogue. Superbly balancing refinement and capability, the Vogue is the ultimate luxury SUV. With Adaptive Dynamics for effortless handling and a more comfortable ride, a suite of intuitive technologies, a long wheelbase that allows for additional passenger space, distinctive exterior detailing and a paramount dedication travel comfort, your arrival at Lake Como will certainly not go unnoticed.

For the lover of the extreme, drive the flawlessly manufactured Range Rover Autobiography to the Lake and enjoy boating, windsurfing and other water activities. The robust all terrain SUV offers the comforts of an executive sedan, with features like massage chairs, high grade leather seats and a wide array of high-end finishes, making the Autobiography an excellent companion for a hiking trip, mountain biking or paragliding.

Hire a Range Rover in Lake Como and restore your mind, body and soul.

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