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Milan to Modena in a Range Rover Sport

By Ethan Hews

Explore the Italian Motor Valley

Plan your next vacation in northern Italy and take the family to visit the famous Italian Motor Valley. For the ultimate drive in style and comfort, we recommend the sensational Range Rover Sport. It comfortably seats 4 people in individual bucket seats and offers a smaller flat middle back seat for a little person.

Plan to spend a few days in the elegant and sophisticated city of Milan exploring the famous sights. Then enjoy a day drive to Modena. The distance is about 180 km and will take you 2 to 3 hours with a few stops along the way to explore the countryside.

The trip takes you through Parma, a city known worldwide for its famous ham, cheese and Lambrusco wine. Your next stop will be Modena, the centre of attraction for Ferrari enthusiasts, and a day spent here will give you fascinating insight into the Maranello story.

VIP Greet & Meet Services

Relax in the lounge of the elite Principe di Savoia Hotel in Milan and our professional Meet and Greet team will deliver your Range Rover Autobiography to the front door. You will never have to stand in queues or come looking for us. Get settled in and set off on the A1 towards Parma.

Gatronomic Delights in Parma

Parma is renowned for Parma ham and Parmesan cheese and stopping here for lunch is a must. Find a trendy pavement café and order a selection of cured meats and local cheeses to enjoy with some freshly baked traditional breads. Make sure your platter includes prosciutto and aged parmigiano reggiano!

Travelling in your Range Rover Sport is a delight, with spacious comfortable seating, climate control and infotainment systems. The driver has a sporty dash with Driving Aids at his fingertips. The unique Touch Pro System offers maps, road conditions and weather updates, helping you to navigate any road condition. Enjoy the power and cutting-edge technology of the HSE model, High Specification Equipment.

After your lazy lunch, music lovers will be thrilled to learn that Parma is the birthplace of Verdi and the birthplace of Italy's greatest modern conductor, Arturo Toscanini. Visit Casa Natale di Toscanini and trace the conductor’s life and travels through a display of rare relics and records. Take a walk around the Piazza del Duomo. It is flanked by three famous buildings – the Duomo, the Baptistry and the Campanile. Cathedral Square is one of the city's most lovely public spaces, attracting both locals and tourists.

Drive to the Museo Casa Ferrari

Continue your drive from Parma to Modena, a road trip of about an hour. The Range Rover Sport has seats that are placed high up, allowing smaller children an unobstructed view outside as you travel through the scenic rolling hills of Pianura Padana.

Modena is the heart of the Italian car lovers paradise. When you arrive, head to the Museo Casa Ferrari, known as the MEF. This amazing complex resembles a futuristic automotive design gallery, painted in the iconic yellow colour that Enzo Ferrari chose as a background for his horse logo. Here you can explore the history and modern times of the famous Ferrari brand. The complex includes Enzo Ferrari’s 1898 birthplace and you can explore some of the rooms in the house. Also on display are stunning cars in a futuristic 2,500 square metre pavilion. A spectacular audio-visual show that uses 19 projectors will delight the family as you get involved in the amazing story of Enzo Ferrari and his passion for race cars.

Maranello : more Ferrari thrills

Maranello is a short drive from Modena and here you will find the renowned Ferrari Maranello Museum. See the special exhibition called Ferraristi Forever. It is a tribute to the Formula 1 drivers who have won at least one race on the world’s circuits in Ferrari cars. For an adrenaline rush, get behind the wheel of a race-track Ferrari with a professional driver and do a few laps! At the end of the track you will be rewarded with a video to show off when you get back home.

Supper is at Emilia Romagna

Italians cannot get enough great food and Emilia Romagna is known as the epicentre of Italian cuisine. A short drive from Maranello takes you to this food Mecca. Stop to admire the amazing Gothic and Medieval architecture in the main square. This iconic region defines culinary trends across the country. Settle down for a sunset dinner of tagliatelle with ricotta and walnuts, chestnut flour tortelli, lasagne made with spinach or tortellini in broth.

Drive back to Modena for a night at the classy 5-star Hotel Rua Frati 48 in San Francesco. It offers exceptional service and luxurious décor. Head back to Milan in the morning after a light breakfast for some more sight-seeing.

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