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The tastes of Lyon

By Brittany Nue

Lyonnaise cuisine is renowned. For several centuries Lyon has been known as the French capital of gastronomy, due in part to the presence of many fine chefs and also from the fact that two of France's best known wine-growing regions are located near Lyon: the Beaujolais to the North, and the Côtes du Rhône to the South. Savour the city in a Range Rover rental from Lyon Airport.

Hop aboard the Range Rover Autobiography, a 4X4 SUV that is as rugged as it is luxurious, and cruise through the wine region as you admire the picturesque small villages, vineyards and wineries. Featuring an aluminum body that makes it lighter and more efficient to drive, a LR-V8 supercharged engine, and a paramount dedication to passenger comfort with massage leather seats and an advanced entertainment system the Autobiography will ensure that you and your family enjoy the journey as much as they do the destination.

Hire the Range Rover Evoque, and visit Les Halles Paul Bocuse, a cornucopia of stalls selling foie gras, oysters, truffles, cheeses and irresistible macaroons. Make your way to sample the tastes of Lyon in comfort and style. The Evoque has an impressive towing capacity, power steering, all-wheel drive, six-speed automatic transmission and Land Rover’s Terrain Response. Its luxurious interior will certainly impress you with a cabin-length sunroof and touch screen entertainment system.

Enjoy the tastes of Lyon. Hire a Range Rover from Lyon Airport with our exclusive ‘meet and greet’ service and let your taste buds guide you.

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