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visit the Mare Nostrum Brewery in Castillon

By Ethan Hews

Learn all about beer making at the Mare Nostrum brewery in Castillon. This unusual brewery will enchant beer lovers.

Rent a Range Rover in Menton. Our superb Meet and Greet Service will welcome you at Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur (NCE). All the finer details will be organised, simply take the keys and set off in your stunning car.

Powerful Stance

With striking lines and awesome power, our Range Rover Sport provides a perfect drive with ultimate power, luxurious cabin and a high quality surround sound system that will delight the passengers. The Range Rover Sport can sit 5 or 7 passengers. For added comfort, you may also rent a Ranger Rover Autobiography, a super luxury SUV that comes with a finer interior and executive rear class-seating.

Alternatively, drive our substantial Range Rover Vogue. You will love its on-road handling, off-road capabilities and awesome power.

Beer Tasting Tour

Mare Nostrum is a cottage-style brewery where you will have the opportunity to take a commentated and educational tour of the brewing rooms. Discover the secrets behind the product of local beers, refreshing lemonades, aperitifs and liqueurs produced on the site. After the tour, a tasting will allow you to sample the local offerings. Buy a few bottles of famous Mare Nostrum Biere de Noel Menton to take with.

Head off for dinner to the Michelin-starred Mirazur, where oysters with shallot cream and a delicate pear sauce are the order of the day.

Range Rover rental in Menton is the perfect way to explore the French Riviera.

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