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Driving into the valley of mist

By Nicole Harris

The Dordogne Valley, an untouched picturesque oasis of winding translucent blue rivers and thick woods, that from a distance form the lush green rolling hills on the horizon. Fleetingly upon the stage of history, when at the time of the one hundred year war, battles were waged across its bed of foliage. Leaving its scars until today, evident of the defensive châteaux pinned to the hilltops and the highly fortified townships. In a Range Rover hire from Toulouse Airport (TLS) traverse the heights and depths of the Dordogne Valley, for a fairytale land that has floated down to earth.

Hire the Range Rover Sport SVR powerful and seamlessly luxurious, it is the most exclusive model of the Range Rover Sport. Built with the additional advantages of an 8 speed transmission and electronic traction control all wrapped up in a sportier stance. Cross over the perimeters of the Domme and lose yourself deep in the belly of history as you wander into the cavernous halls of Château de Beynac and Château de Castelnaud. The ramparts and the thick crenellated walls relay their military legacy as you meander through its hallowed halls.

Alternatively, the Toulouse Range Rover hire in the Sport Autobiography Dynamic model has a striking luxury interior. The ideal chariot of luxury to take you gliding through the overhanging forests of the Dordogne. Enjoy the picturesque serenity to be absorbed in the Jardins de Marqueyssac. A moment of peace to quell the flowing mind.

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