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Drive to the lovely home of Claude Monet

By Ethan Hews

About an hour outside of Paris is the lovely home of Claude Monet. Visit in your high-end Range Rover.

Hire a Range Rover at Orly Airport (ORY). Our Meet and Greet Service will organise all the paperwork for you in a jiffy.

Travelling with a family or larger group? Try out the fabulous Range Rover Evoque Pure Tech with its striking exterior design and contoured cabin. Born for the open road, but perfect in the city, this luxurious car offers a comfortable drive. Our Range Rover Sport Autobiography offers enhanced grip and steering technology. With dynamic handling on all terrains, you will love both the city and the country driving experience.

Spend time at the home of the famous Claude Monet and delight in the Giverny gardens that inspired the artist. Stroll around the colorful Clos Normand garden beautifully landscaped and cultivated. Explore Monet’s house where you will see the blue salon, the reading room, the épicerie, or larder and the blue-tiled kitchen. Visit the private apartments and Monet's room. Stroll over the famous Japanese bridge in the Water Garden where you will recognise the water lilies that appear in many of his paintings.

Range Rover rental at Orly Airport offers premium vehicles. Plan a self-drive vacation in an exclusive car.

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