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Courchevel, a mountain pinnacle of luxury

By Scott Jawns

Get to the top of the world with your Range Rover rental in Courchevel! The ski resort of Courchevel is located at an altitude from 1300m to 1850m on the Les Trois Vallées, at its pinnacle you are literally scraping the heavens. Yet despite it mountainous height it is better known as one of the most luxurious locations in the world, due to its chalets, restaurants and exclusive shops. Renting a Range Rover gives you all the brute power and confident prowess needed to get to this mountain’s apex in all panache.

The Range Rover Sport HSE, was born in the wild, but refined on the road. Engineered with dramatic and distinctive features, it is primarily a driver’s car. As you settle back into the comfort of the driver’s seat, it will become immediately clear: this SUV demands to be driven.

The Range Rover HSE is the pinnacle of refined capability, composed of the Range Rover marque’s classic design lines, the Range Rover HSE is unmistakable. The iconic silhouette is gently tapered while gloss black pillars accentuate the floating roof. Have either the the Range Rover Sport HSE or the Range Rover HSE made available to you from Geneva or Chambéry Airports, both within a good driving distance to Courchevel. Alternatively, our entire Range Rover fleet can be delivered to you through our exclusive ‘meet and greet’ service. Take advantage, luxury this thorough, doesn’t happen every day.

For the adventurer at heart we recommend tearing up the thick snow laden mountains of Courchevel in the Land Rover Defender. As a permanent 4 wheel drive it is immensely strong. The Defender’s chassis is probably the single most important component in the vehicle’s design and contributes to its strength, capability, versatility and durability. Explore the raw and wild beauty of Courchevel in this powerful 4x4.

Be at the pinnacle of Courchevel; not just the mountain’s pinnacle but the luxury pinnacle with a Range Rover Courchevel rental.

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