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A Ranger Rover ride in the forest

By Nicole Harris

Paris is surrounded by a majestic wonderland of wild overgrown forests. Both Foret de Rambouillet located to the west of Paris, Foret de Fontainebleau in the south east and the Verrière Forest to the south. Each majestic on its own, combined they make a fantastic 4x4 adventure.

Choose a Range Rover Vogue

Rent the Range Rover Vogue or the Land Rover Discovery to get you to the best hiking tracks across Foret de Fontainebleau. Both of these 4WDs have the formidable power necessary; The Vogue, due to its updated version of the Terrain Response off road traction control system, Roll Stability Control (RSC), and the excellent air suspension, whilst, the Land Rover Discovery is a solid and reliable 4x4, giving you all the power you need to reach the most remote location. 

Explore Fontainebleau’s Forest

These forests beckon your imagination and wonder, walk over the soft bed of golden autumn leaves, follow your gaze along the lengths of century old trees as the height of their green canopy colours the distant blue sky. Move your hands over the smooth contours of Fontainebleau’s large boulders, these oft inscribed boulders bear their history, being as old as time itself. 

Drive a 4x4 Range Rover in Verrière

Hire the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport from Paris to uncover the hidden realms of Verrière. Your journey to discover the beauty of nature starts from the luxurious end of 4 wheel drive supercars. Despite their grand size and robust capabilities, the Evoque and Sport rentals have all the class and style for high end urban driving. Exceeding expectations in maintaining their status as Luxury car rentals. A Paris Range Rover hire is easily organised with our friendly and discreet staff. We can arrange our ‘meet and greet’ service for your Range Rover to be handed over to you at Charles de Gaulle or Orly airports, or any other location you request. Follow the forest trail of Verriere, who knows where it may take you?

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