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Relax in the villa Thuret botanic gardens

By Scott Jawns

After all the sightseeing in Antibes, take some time to relax in the beautiful Villa Thuret Botanic Gardens.

Rent a Range Rover in Antibes. Our friendly Meet and Greet Service will organise your luxury car at Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur (NCE).

If you love modern technology, you will delight in the the adaptive dynamics that constantly monitor the movements of the Range Rover Vogue SE. They react accordingly minimising body roll and offering a smooth and superbly comfortable drive. Don't feel cramped with a larger group, our spacious Range Rover Sport SVR will get you around the roads of Antibes in ultimate luxury and comfort.

Botanist Gustave Thuret laid out this magnificent garden in 1856. It is located close to the Plateau de la Garoupe on the boulevard du Cap. This lush 5 hectare botanical garden boasts a great diversity of plants including many native varieties and 1600 different exotic species. Enjoy the arboretum with its extensive collection of trees and shrubs. The Garden also serves as a venue for scientific research and conservation studies. Book your night at the Boutique Hotel La Jabotte. This romantic inn by sea exudes ambiance and charm.

Range Rover rental in Antibes offers the perfect drive for a larger group.

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